Toward a Site Made Whole

In terms of some changes that will need to take place before my professional website can be complete, some changes need to take place.

The Index/Home Page: I’d like to upgrade it by embedding an image carousel that can house at least 4 images featuring my work. For the time being, I’ll likely opt to feature samples of my work on Issuu, (as the content is multimedia) along with my mapping collages, (the one currently in place is from my Childhood Calliope narrative atlas.) As a long term objective, (as we approach April/May) I’d like to have images of my Master’s project featured as well. I’m still searching for code for a carousel which I think is a good fit for what I am envisioning. However, if I can find one, the layout of the index page will look much like it does right now, with the exception of there being additional images.

The Resume Page: Per Professor Bill Wolff’s creative direction, the structure of the information presented here needs to shift from ‘linear’ and traditional, to nonlinear–the idea being to ideate a visual, flexible, grid based design that embodies my skill sets and abilities–something that ‘shows’ what I can do instead of ‘tells’ you. The challenge here, finding an effective way to translate my skills, abilities and professional experience toward this type of representation–without excluding anything relevant. I am still brainstorming on this one.

HTML/ CSS Validation: As a last and final step, once the above items are put in place, the code will need to be validated through W3C and CynthiaSays. I have already tried to do this, however much of the ‘errors’ are still a bit of mystery to me in terms of what really needs to be fixed. For example, I have corrected some of the ‘errors’ using the generated suggestions, only to find out that the adjustments served to make the site a mess. You never know quite what the end result is going to look like, post-‘correction,’ so I’ll be holding my breath on this one. This step will also likely be the most challenging part, because as any coder knows, you can have a clean, perfected layout–only to find a slew of validation errors.

At any rate though–

Onward and upward.


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