Website Development: Questions + Concerns

I’ve made some more progress on my site toward adding pages and content. Things are moving along; I’m by no means a pro at this, but I’m glad that I’m able to get this far. Some of my concerns relating to my site are:

Portfolio page– There are now content sections dedicated to featuring 5 items. These each need to be separate boxes which house image, caption and very brief text. The glitch is, I am still not proficient with how to create the content box so that the text jives with the image; the text should come up to the top and wrap around the image. The idea here, is that this page serves a ‘menu’ of sorts with a visual emphasis; the captions are links which take you directly to pages which showcase the projects more in depth.

I need to figure out how to make these flexible ‘box’ area of content effectively and cleanly house both the image and accompanying text. Professor Wolff did go over this technique in class, but unfortunately for me, once I am left to my own devices what was once quite clear becomes conflated!

innovate/ page– Similar situation as mentioned above, but here I’m not sure what kind of box I’ll need. I just need the image to sit in the upper left and the text to wrap around to the right and flow organically underneath the image with some nice breathing room.

My concept submission for Open IDEO’s Challenge is one of my more major projects which I am proud of, as it showscases not just my writing skills but also my ability to ideate and apply creative problem solving in a real-world context, toward a philanthropic end. I offer a reflexive explanation of the project, but I wonder how much of the *actual* project needs to live in this space? I understand and appreciate the importance of situated meaning within a composition and the importance of locating a mode that is the best fit for the information to be contextualized in; perhaps it may be best to allow my readers to simply follow the link and view the concept, images, and feedback on the actual IDEO website. I’m still thinking about this one.

radio/ page– Again, I need to amend the situation with the content box and positioning of text and image. Additionally, I need to find an effective solution that affords usability where I can feature iTunes audio clips from the radio talk show that I co-hosted on WIBG 1020 AM for 7 months. These will be highlights from some of my favorite shows and perhaps some full-length shows as well.

writing/ page– Same situation with the content/ image. This challenge with this page is how to feature press clips that have been published whose links are dead. I was an intern at a relatively large local paper and it saddens me to think that all I am left with now are hard copies of the work that I did. If everything was still analog, that would be a-okay, but folks expect things to be in digital form now–especially if they are reading my work on a website! I supposed of course I could scan the articles in, but that just seems outdated and unprofessional to me. I am thinking of perhaps uploading them to Issuu, so, at least their aesthetic might be framed within a ‘newspaper’ like context, but again the point here is to SHOW the work and not have the user click to *yet* another space.

interactive/ page – Same situation with the content/ image. The glitch with this page is that the link for the Prezi, (which should function as an embedded element) won’t show/display. Thankfully, I think this might be a relatively easy fix, though. I hope!

work/ page- Same situation with content/image. This is where my Issuu compositions are featured. I am looking for, but have not had any luck finding an Issuu widget. I need to be able to incorporate my writing more, so that readers can actually read it, *in this space* if possible, but again I am met with the challenge of how to present the work in *this* space when it is housed (and contextualized) in another.

And with that, let me come back full circle now to the Home page.

Index page– This is in the works, I don’t have it just yet– but coming soon there is a possibility that there will be a *totally awesome* image carousel in this space! I will be posting a progress update soon about this latest development. I am excited. 🙂


One comment on “Website Development: Questions + Concerns

  1. kimerskine
    December 9, 2012

    Your website seems to be coming along nicely! I totally relate to you when you say that once you’re left alone to try things we’re taught in class it is sometimes forgotten. Happens to me every week! lol! I like how your website is broken down into 5 sections that all kind of have their own web pages. Very nice and creative idea!

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