“The aesthetic has a rhetorical force even as the belletristic can carry information and an idea. It is the rhetorical force of image and identification, metaphor and symbol, of narrative arc and character as actor and acted upon, of Burkean ratios enacted in possibility rather than constrained by given formations.”

– Douglas Hesse

Since the advent of Web 2.0, the field of communication has transitioned out of a static, linear model, into a new landscape which is dynamic, interactive, and multimodal. Accordingly, the definition of what it means to “write” or to be a “writer” has been challenged, re-examined and defined anew to reflect the changing topology, embracing non-textual forms of expression, such as composing with images and sound, which result in a more robust, nuanced composition.

On the final leg of my journey through graduate school at Rowan University, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Writing Arts. My academic concentrations include Creative Writing and New Media Studies. Areas of compositional interest include ideating and creating multimodal, hybrid narratives and examining the rhetoric and semiotic mechanisms that they embody. Currently, I am constructing my Master’s Thesis project. My intent is to explore the function of metaphor through hybrid narrative and structural embodiment, emoting a compositional experience where the reader transforms to architect, toward the construction of meaning.


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